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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 5, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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a motorcyclist spots traffic backing up. sees what happens happening, slows down. >> what happens when another driver doesn't? it's a burger with a unique topping. >> i'm pretty sure this is not on the menu. >> see what killed one customer's appetite. >> ahh! ♪ ♪ same old song♪ >> a number one country hit and she's his number one fan. >> you have a crush on him, don't you? >> how a surprise break from chemo landed her backstage with
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sam hunt. plus a tv interview rudely interrupted. one very odd ritual -- >> at a wedding ceremony. >> see how the new bride is laying down the law. welcome to the rest of your life, mate! this guy, matthew, posted to youtube channel, driving down the street. knows that silver car in front hoff him is slowing down. he's looking ahead, he's being a conscientious driver, seize what's happening slows down. all of a sudden he's there -- >> gosh. >> you can hear the screeching impact. it becomes clear when he turns around. as you can see there he's okay though. starts going down. everybody starts running over make sure everybody's okay. the i pack becomes clear, seeing
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the crumpled. says what we're thinking. >> [ bleep ]. >> lucky. >> look left right, left before you cross which this girl should have probably done. >> it's funnier in slow motion. the entire range of emotion as it comes across her face as she's absolutely terrified. >> expect the unexpected in beth of these videos. first one tv interview happening. interview eee, doesn't like being on camera. >> oh! >> one of his own hit him hard right over the elbow, knocked him over. >> that ram flocked him up pretty good.
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>> said get the flock out of here. >> oh. >> and he did have broken bones. >> oh no. >> it's true. had to be taken to the hospital. >> mistreating the rams? was this ram trying to take his opportunity to get his side of the story into this news interview? >> i think some maybe talking smack about him and he didn't like it. >> the ram knows it's all about viral videos these days so he's like i'm helping my brother out. >> now or never. >> now this video also interesting. this is apparently at a wedding ceremony. husband and the wife are building sticks and then this happens, watch. he takes a swing at her and then she's like heelcome to theest of your life, mate! >> he did inquire about this to try to figure out if this was a
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traditional marriage ceremony in india but turns out it's not. >> she set the theme for the rest of the marriage. this how it's going to be. you try that again, you wiry little man, i'll beat your tokus. >> an opportunity to establish dominance. poster of this video calls this ghostbust. it's not a ghost. it's a runaway bus. >> that's good. i was really worried. >> for a second. >> you thought there was a ghost. >> yeah yeah. >> this is a bus parked at a station in canada near toronto and suddenly just started rolling down the street. come on. >> and straight into that delivery truck. >> there she goes. >> the driver of this bus parked at bus station, all passengers had gotten off and the bus driver went inside to use the bathroom and didn't properly set
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the brakes according to procedure. the bus lost control and just ran down the street. the bus, you can see, was damaged. watch the side view mirror fall off on to the ground. the truck, no damages. the transit commission investigating the situation. it's not clear whether or not the driver will face disciplinary action. next video also a runaway vehicle. watch this. a truck comes barreling down the highway, loses control. crosses the median. >> oh there's someone! >> misses all of the oncoming traffic but barreled into the parking lot of the pool store. another angle from the security footage from the pool store itself. >> hits a parked car. the car, a total loss. all, three pools damaged as a result of the accident. no word on what caused the truck to lose control. >> experiencing an intense dry
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season in the national park in kenya. that hat sent analelephant looking for water. that's not optimal. >> my gracious. >> a water well. the elephant found. they believe it was taking a drink and slipped and fell. he's churned everything up. now it looks like a mud pit. of course they couldn't easily get him out. the sides are are all slick and muddy. guess what? nearby a chinese road company was building train tracks so they sent over a big digger. watch. they're going to grade that thing so the elephant can walk up all on its own. >> he found water, that's good news. >> of all places in the middle of a 15safari park by the way, woo do have a digger just down the road. a spot of luck. >> people are running because
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the conservation workers nearby trying to encourage it to go back to the national park so it wouldn't go back to the village, and it did take them effort to coax him. there was a helicopter. they got it back to the national park but the villagers, man, they're not in exactly the same condition as where the elephant found it. >> dude makes his snowy joy ride more risky by -- >> closely followed by the car behind with the headlights and the cameras. >> why he's lucky he didn't go from sledding to speed bump. and the extra topping that's lurking in one guy's burger. >> ahhh! ♪ ♪ ♪ hehersrshehey'y's spreads. brbrining g ththe e dedeliliciciouous s tatastste of hershey's chocolate toto a anynyththining g -- evevererytythihingng.. wiwithth h herershsheyey''s s spsprereadads,s, ththe e popossssibibililititieies
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towing things behind the car when it's nice and slick outside. guys in belarus, riding on the sled towed by the car ahead being closely followed by the car behind with the lights and cameras to record the whole thing than seems like the dumbest thing. >> woefully irresponsible. when it goes wrong, it's a video of someone getting hit. >> i don't think it's a sled. looks like a construction zone wall. >> first they started off slow but then picked up speed. snow all over the place. the guy doesn't go from sledder to speed bump stays on doesn't get run over but belarus police did catch up. they say they did break traffic laws but unlikely they'll face charges. similar situation here in the states. redneck sledding you get what you got around the house, put it together it's a shopping cart
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welded into a nissan 240 sx hood and a ford 250. >> he is wearing a helmet. >> yes. a strange beauty to this because that hood is almost like aerodynamic. >> yes. >> i was close. >> yeah. there are a couple of close calls. a couple of lampposts and other objects like this curb. >> oh no! >> so glad he had that helmet on because he took a whole face to that curb. >> epic. >> [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! >> is he okay? he's not moving. >> his friends go running to his aid and then the video cuts. >> if you have five children nothing better than being able to surprise all five at once. >> that's a hard task. >> the surprise being this teeny, tiny adorable little puppy. >> i throughoutthroughout it was -- >> mug. >> mug.
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some chinese word. >> all children are sleeping because it's 2:00 in the morning when the surprise is happening. mom drove quite a ways to pick up this puppy. the children had been praying and wishing for a puppy. so this was an unexpected welcomed surprise. >> i can imagine, mum's got enough on her plate with five kids. >> look at how they do this. they put this little fluff ball of a puppy right up against her face and it takes her a minute. dead asleep at this point. to realize what the heck this is and immediately she starts crying. >> puppy kind of puts her paw on the face don't cry. >> kisses her. puppy kisses, you can't resist it. >> and now it's brother's turn. he starts crying too. >> it's a big deal. when you're a kid and you want a pet, it's exciting when it
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actually happens. >> now it's the other two brothers. they're down there asleep on the floor. they're listening to all of the commotion. they realize something's up. look at that face. jaw on the floor. this little baby puppy is theirs. >> like christmas morning. >> his reaction is my favorite because his mouth is -- >> time for the baby lucas, he's not awake and he doesn't want to be awake because it's a puppy. she wants him to be awake. he ain't having it. >> give kisses. >> i'm pretty sure this is not on the menu. >> is that a caterpillar. >> yes. the hamburger's moving because it has a caterpillar inside. >> a half-eaten burger. how many caterpillars did they consume before this crawled out and said hello? >> he's a survivor man. you can't be grossed out. he's a survivor. think of what he's been through. grew up in a field somewhere,
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got swept up in the cutter and wrapped up and put through the store and shipped to the burger joint and then slapped on a burger bun. here he is da da da. still alive, inch by inch. >> the greatest butterfly ever. >> that's a miraculous story nick's told. >> the owner said they offered the map $n $76 american in order to -- >> shut up. >> and give 152 to the charity of the guy's choice. the guy said i would have wanted all of the money to go to the charity because i was grossed out. a caterpillar's not going to kill you if you eat it. >> of all of the gross things in our fast food this is probably the healthiest. >> when you take a bite mayonnaise popped in my mouth. >> i'd rather eat the caterpillar than this. >> it's your boy, junior i'm going to eat a light bulb. >> this is going to ruin his
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intestinal wall. >> something i must say don't try at home because you can really hurt yourself. >> we haven't heard about his demise. >> bright idea think about it the light bulb appeared and he decided to eat it. >> one point it did get a little painful. that should be his warning. ah when you go oh ah, maybe you shouldn't do it but successfully seems to swallow the whole thing. >> that's going to hurt coming out, too. >> what's up? >> it's a video that might have you thinking travel. >> stunningly beautiful. >> see it next "right th still to come -- >> [ bleep ]. >> serious? >> guy in the white car drives aggressively just to get ahead. >> whoa. >> there he is again trying to get in front of her. >> how his road rage turns into a road rant. >> the whole time you stupid [ bleep ]. >> plus -- a prankster plans to cheat when he faces his buddies in a paint
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ball duel but little does he know -- >> they're going to blast him. the showdown gets him shown up.
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driving and decide to be aggressive just remember somebody might have you on camera not one but a couple of them. like the two dash cams that the owner of this car has. >> that white camaro going to feature prominently in the video. >> serious? >> that camaro trying to get into the lane where she was. the camaro comes up behind her. whoa. >> again, trying to get in front of her. but then he rolls down the window and has words. >> [ bleep ] the whole time you stupid -- put that on camera. put that on camera. >> it's on camera. >> put that on ca. >> if you're on the roadway, you have to remember you have to share with people maybe you should calm down because somebody might get video of you losing it over something ridiculous. this comes from melbourne, australia, it's a good thing not a lot of people were outside. that's a small truck and that truck is on the pathway where people are supposed to be. >> lose control of the car? what happens? >> don't know if he lost control. >> what's with the little orange
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utility light on top? mall security? >> belonged to the metro rail station nearby. they said that this was a metro rail worker who was driving it. he's been suspended pending the investigation. they said he was driving the car while off-duty. stopped at the end of the pathway, somebody got inside the truck and took the keys so the guy couldn't get away. >> welcome. >> pranksters going to prank. a prankster. >> my cameraman and me had a bet. i bet my new gaming channel would hit 100,000 subscribers before the talk show channel. >> the bets who who vr ever loses would get shot with a paint ball. the channel had 20,000 followers. >> shoots me one time with the gun but i keep shooting. what he doesn't know i'll be
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wearing a bulletproof vest to protect myself from the one shot. >> cheater going to cheat. >> testing his paint ball gun which works fine. he's wearing this big old mask to protect himself. but his buddy, who is supposed to get shot figured out what he was planning. >> i have our boy james. >> right before he shoots me his gun will jam. serve some justice. >> this is one he test fired. this is the one that doesn't work. we'll give him this one. >> mean while, they're going to team up and both going to blast him. >> one, two, three, four! >> right in his torso, they're shooting his butt his legs. they're getting him good. >> originally he thought he was getting one shot and instead, he's just getting blasted. >> look at this. look at this. >> looked like he was trying to jump over the wall. >> he did.
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>> the paint ball i know what it feels like it's a fun game. this is legit, it hurts. >> you can see the welts on his legs when we get close. >> i'm calling fake. >> i'm so glad you said that because i felt the same way. >> i'm calling fake. i have a feeling foosy was in on the whole thing. did you notice the thickness of the sweat pants he was wearing? >> not only that why was he wearing the bigger mask. >> looks like he could have gone over the wall but he didn't. >> oh nick. >> it was pretty funny and clever but we are suspicious. >> this ain't over. >> camille gets a big surprise during chemo. >> and she's crying because she's really really excited. >> where are you going? >> the story behind a backstage pass with a country superstar making her dreams come true.
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bucks, there you go. free wave house. >> nature made. >> this is a very special day
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for camille. >> excited? >> camille was diagnosed with stage iv hodgkin's lymphoma. two weeks before set to go back to college. as you can see, looking at her paper and she's crying because she's really, really excited. her mom just gave her sam hunt ticketed. >> where are you going? >> you have a crush on him, don't you? >> yeah. >> currently has top spot on the billboard country chart. ♪ stay too long same old song♪ >> camille, who tried to turn negative things into positive has taken this opportunity to create the camille strong foundation. >> wow. >> she wants to raise money for other cancer patients. >> she's not raising money for herself in. >> no she's not. >> just raising money for other people. >> to be faced with a situation like that and thinking what she can do for other people wow. what a wonderful person. >> especially in the middle of
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her fight. >> people are noticing herselflessness. in fact who is wearing one of her camille strong t-shirts. >> wow, the president of the united states. >> oakland a's are wearing her scarf. she's getting a lot of support. >> not only that she also got to meet sam hunt. >> they make a cute couple actually. >> they really do. >> sleel behe'll be very happy to hear that. >> making a positive out of the situation. that's why she's getting so much support. >> can i go in here? >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you
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it's going to take more than a plunger to rescue a woman who -- >> is stuck with her ankle in a toilet. >> what it was that got her wedged. >> would it not go down? >> a sledder spins offcourse. >> she went the wrong way. >> the triple fail that left her frozen. cops say a band of thieves distracted a store owner. >> trying to keep his attention. >> how they shopped till they dropped for free. plus -- the cheater's guide to beat


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